Rejoicing in Hope!

Hope is precious; so precious sometimes that we tone down our hopes out of fear of future disappointments.  This week's Romans 12:10-13 and Romans 5 Bible Study encourages us to rejoice in hope to enjoy what is coming for us, spend more time with God, and embody the risen Christ. Enjoy this Bible Study below and moving songs including [...]

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Finding Our Confidence…In God’s Face

Praise the Lord! This Numbers 13-14 and Psalm 105 Bible Study encourages us to seek God's face for the confidence to do the amazing things on our hearts. Enjoy this Bible Study (below) and great music like "God's Got Me" (Dexter Walker and the OKC Zion Movement); "It's Done" (Anita Wilson); and "Show Me Your Face" (William McDowell). [...]

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Forgiving Seventy Times Seven as God Does

Praise the Lord!  How's it going? This Matthew 18:19-35 Bible Study explores what Jesus meant when He told Peter to forgive his brother seventy times seven. We hope you see forgiveness on the level of seeing others restored and participating in new opportunities with God. Also enjoy hopeful songs like "Let's Come Together" (Kevin LeVar); "A Heart [...]

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