Turning to Show Ourselves to Jesus and Worship God

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Turning to Show Ourselves to Jesus and Worship God


The King Center for Nonviolent Social Change‘s 2016 theme is “Dr. King’s Legacy of Freedom for Our World.”  In keeping with this theme, we learned that Dr. King sought freedom for African-Americans and everyone to deliberate, decide, and take responsibility for their own goals.  The world of segregation limited this freedom and created a “social leprosy” that many of us suffer from in 2016.  Our Bible Study of the ten lepers in Luke 17:11-19 invites us to overcome this social leprosy by turning to show ourselves to Jesus and worship God the same way that one of the lepers realized that Jesus was his priest who gave him access to God, healing, cleansing, and freedom.  The songs for Dr. King Day include “God Wants to Heal You” (Kevin Davidson and the Voices), “Oh, Freedom” (The Golden Gospel Singers), and “Just Ask in My Name” (Kim McFarland, Rev. Brunson, and the Thompson Singers), and are very touching.

Turning to Show Ourselves to Jesus and Worship God

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Tobias Pinckney is the Excellence Excavator, using the Word of God to help people uncover and offer their very best to and for God and their communities. From Plainfield, NJ and raised in Rose of Sharon Community Church, Tobias received his Biblical training at Colgate-Rochester/Crozer Divinity School and the motivation to pursue this calling through the Godfidence Institute led by Marshawn Evans Daniels. An interviewer, inspiring Tobias, asked him to imagine additionally using all his University of Delaware undergraduate education, University of Chicago Law School training, and Medgar Evers College Business Law teaching in the pursuit of the Gospel. Tobias is now the Founder of Powered to Witness University and excited about what God is creating.

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